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Our Belted Galloways
Have now all been Sold

On the 16th of October our farm at Naracoorte will be in the hands of its new owners.  They are a wonderful young couple who are excited about moving in to their first home!  Naturally then our our beloved Belted Galloways needed new homes.  We would like to thanks the four buyers from Victoria and four buyers from South Australia who purchased our cattle. We know they they will contribute in many ways to growing your belted galloway enterprises.  


Some history ..........


In 2019, my partner Elisha and I had the wonderful opportunity to acquire the entire Badgers Keep Belted Galloway herd, consisting of 19 remarkable animals. These Belted Galloways were carefully bred, and their impeccable lineage can be attributed to the Glenmerritt Stud foundation. This ensured that these animals possessed not only beauty but also top-quality genetics.


Over the course of the past four years, we have nurtured and watched our herd flourish. Through two successful calving seasons, our herd has grown to over 40 Belted Galloways. This growth has been made possible by introducing exceptional sires such as Bonnie Belt Maximus, Ordala Red Ochre Mountain, and Clanfingon Limelight, which have further enhanced the genetic diversity and traits of these magnificent animals.


Our Belted Galloways are not only visually stunning, with their distinctive white belt adorning a richly colored coat, but they also possess a friendly and calm disposition. These qualities make them exceptional companions and ideal for hobby farms or as pets.


One of the key attributes that sets Belted Galloways apart is their ease of handling and their affable nature. Their friendly temperament allows for easy interaction and handling, making them a joy to work with. Whether you're an experienced breeder or a hobbyist, their docile demeanour ensures a pleasant and stress-free environment.


Furthermore, Belted Galloways are known for their excellent foraging abilities. They are skilled grazers, making them well-suited for pasture-based systems and sustainable farming practices. Their efficient use of available forage not only contributes to their overall health and well-being but also benefits the surrounding ecosystem.


Another advantage of the Belted Galloway breed is their exceptional ease of calving. Their naturally adaptive birthing abilities greatly reduce the need for intervention during the calving process. This makes them an ideal choice for breeders seeking low-maintenance livestock with minimal complications during this critical stage.


Additionally, the Belted Galloway breed represents an excellent choice for hobby farms and as pets due to their friendly nature, stunning appearance, superior foraging abilities, ease of calving, and the opportunity they provide for breeders to diversify their herds. .

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