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The Cadgee Chronicles

Welcome to 'The Cadgee Chronicles,' an evocative series where the pastoral symphony of life with our Belted Galloway herd at Cadgee Downs harmonizes with my adventures as a country veterinarian in the charming town of Myles.


These narratives, drawn from a rich tapestry of experiences, will bring to life the joy, wisdom, and sometimes bittersweet moments I shared with my family, farmers and other animal owners. Each story is a tribute to the bond formed with the most amazing animals, the land upon which they lived, and the community I served. Alongside these narratives, I will share insights into the multifaceted world of business, with a focus on leadership, resilience, and a spectrum of business essentials. From the nuances of managing teams to the strategies that underpin successful enterprises, each piece aims to offer a guiding light on the path to professional excellence.


Join me as we embark on this journey of pastoral chronicles and business acumen, revealing a new chapter every 2 to 4 weeks. Together, we'll navigate the verdant pastures of Cadgee Downs and the undulating landscape of Myles, all while exploring the core principles that drive business success and innovation.

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