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Cadgee Downs Tiller
An well proportioned commercial bull 


Cadgee Downs Tiller is well structured young belted galloway bull with good length.  Sadly for Tiller he has some white encroaching onto the inside of the left front leg.  This of course means he cannot be used in a stud herd.  But as a commercial propostion, Tiller has what it takes.  

Bonniebelt Maximus
The Quite Quiet Bull

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Max 3.jpg


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Max is a gentleman. A well-structured and very well-mannered bull, Max has been recognised as a wonderful example of his breed. He is length and well-muscled hind quarters ensure prime beef in just the right areas.

Max however is not just any bull. He has become a member of our family. Feeding time is hilarious. He jumps in the air like a cat squealing with delight when hay is delivered. Once settled we can give Max lots of pats especially when he is with the herd. He likes having his ears rubbed.

Naturally, one should not trust any bull despite their quiet disposition. They are big animals, and their sheer size means that what to them might seem to be a small ‘nudge’ turns out to be quite a knock for a human.

Cadgee Downs Tucker
An outstanding 7 month old stud bull 


Cadgee Downs Tucker, son of Bonniebelt Maximus and Badgerskeep Liberty, is an outstanding young bull.  He is the youngest of last years spring calving but now almost leads the entire pack in terms of growth. 


Citing the great Australian Belted Galloway sire Shiralee Moonstruck as his grandfather and the oustanding international Belted Galloway Sire, Mochrum Kingfisher as his great granfather, Tucker is a well balanced young stud bull with the right genetics to enhance your herd.  You will note the strong hind quarter and nicely angled hocks, important characteristic in a herd bull.  

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